Special Events in Berlin

Christopher Street Day Parade
Held on a Saturday in late June every year, the Christopher Street Day Parade was originally put together to remember the riots that took place outside of Stonewall Bar in New York City in 1969. Today, the parade has become one of the largest and most inclusive street fairs, drawing in visitors of all orientations and gender identities from near and far. The parade starts at Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse and runs for four miles until Seigassaule.

Lange Nacht der Museen
Known in English as "The Long Night of the Museums", Lange Nacht der Museen happens in January and August of each year. More than 100 of the city's museums, art collections, historical archives, and exhibition halls stay open all night. Visitors can enjoy special events, musical performances, learning lectures and readings. The purchase of a ticket includes free transportation between events on shuttle buses and regular public transportation.

Berlin International Film Festival
One of the world's major film festivals, the Berlin International Film Festival brings a bit of glitz and glamour to the winters in the city. Lasting for one to two weeks in mid-February, the festival can be attended at Potsdamer Platz Cinemas. Attended by international celebrities, it features more than 300 films from five of the world's continents.

Four days of electronic music can be heard in Berlin during the month of November. Electronic musicians and lovers trek from places such as Japan, Chile, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to perform as guest musicians or listen to the electronic music that is showcased during Worldtronics. A trade fair occurs simultaneously, featuring books, clubs and electronic record labels, as well as music and electronic sound mixing software.

New Year's Eve is always enthusiastic in Berlin, featuring firecrackers and rockets. Fireworks can be seen from various points throughout the city and nearly every bar and restaurant in the area has a special party going on. Due to the noise and adult activities, New Year's Eve in Berlin is better suited for an adult crowd.

Yoga Festival Berlin
Held each June, the Yoga Festival Berlin is a weekend-long program held at Shanti Park. Practice sessions are held with well-known yoga teachers. Various forms are represented at the festival, an event that also includes music, shopping and special events for the children.